If you'd like help in exploring and untangling questions of culture that might be on your mind, let's speak.
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About Barb Rybicki:

I consider myself a culture provocateur, deciphering how the world around us constantly evolves and thus shapes our values and choices. By tracking change and anticipating it, I help brands stay (or become) in step with consumers.

With 20 years of market research experience, I have firm roots in quantitative communications analysis that make me fluent in the language and logic of numbers and able to translate them into compelling truths. Broader strategic consulting enriched my sleuthing and storymaking opportunities and led to a specialty over the past 8 years in cultural insight, semiotics, and trends – to me the ultimate layers to stretch thinking and shape meaningful brand evolution.

I've deeply explored such fascinating topics as:

  • The evolving meanings of "inclusivity", "authenticity", "energy", "green", "masculinity", "femininity", "luxury", "quality", "work-life balance", "comfort", "generosity"...
  • The future of sustainable transportation, advertising, snacks, vision, beer, and breakfast
  • The category landscapes of style, beauty, gluten-free food, sedans, investment, entertainment devices, water, and beer
  • The expression of ethnicity in advertising
  • The transformation of stigmatized personal care products from 'ick' to 'wow'
  • The significance of air to inspire an air care brand's innovation pipeline
  • And more!

Among the brands I've helped by providing a perspective on culture: